weekend in review 7/15-7/17…

I absolutely am ecstatic when the weekend starts early! Mine started at 11:45am on Friday. I left the cube and never looked back. Two of my buddies and I were invited to perform at a friend’s album release party down in Carlsbad (aka ‘North County’). We spent over 2 hours in traffic, but it’s all good when you’re in the company of good friends…

The concert was at an indoor skatepark — it was the perfect backdrop for the great music that ensued. Good times are good tunes!

The weekend continued the next day at the beach with family. Corona Del Mar might be my favorite place in OC. The houses are gorgeous & the beach is extremely family friendly…

We capped off Sunday evening with a photo shoot with our extended family & chowwing down on some delicious pizza. It was awesome to see our girls along w/ our nieces & nephew all in one spot.

things I learned this weekend:

– swimming in the ocean is ALWAYS a challenge when it comes to keeping your bearings

– though the food is ‘to die for’, don’t OVEReat or you’ll feel as though you ARE going to die

– my wife is the coolest person I know (I think I learn that more & more as each weekend comes & goes)

What did you learn this weekend? šŸ™‚

— A.E. Sexton

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