I like… running.

I like running.

This is something that I have recently started doing again. As a lifelong lover of playing basketball, I’ve never really enjoyed running… until now.

I might not love and/or be as great at running as my dear friend, Sally McRae (she runs pretty far… like FIFTY miles far!), but it is something that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed incorporating into my life.

I guess there is a trifecta – the ‘trinity of running’ so-to-speak – that has motivated me to walk out my door a few nights a week and take a jog on up to Saddleback church & back (a little over 5 miles)…

1. God — for a myriad of reasons… I ultimately want to honor God by taking responsibility for my actions and infuse a degree of healthy living into my lifestyle. I want to honor God by honoring my family and not putting myself at risk when it comes to being a fat, lazy, slob who’s bound to die of a heart attack one day. I want to avoid that the best I can. πŸ™‚

2. The Nike+ GPS iPhone app — this thing is amazing! I am a stat GEEK, a diehard Nike supporter, & lover of all things integrated w/ social media… and this app nails it on all 3. And as a kicker, folks like Dirk Nowitzki & Tracy Morgan (and tons more) supply words of encouragement at the end of your workout. πŸ™‚

3. #sexyback11 — this is a ‘trending hashtag’ on Twitter that I participate in… it consists of a community of folks that decided that they are tired of not feeling comfortable w/ taking their shirt off in public… so Carlos Whittaker & Grant Jenkins are leading the charge to “bring the sexy back”! The goal is that by Labor Day you will have done whatever it takes to reach the point where you can confidently stroll by the lake or on the beach sans t-shirt to cover your ‘moobies’ (man-boobies).

I started out w/ the goal(s) that I would run w/o stopping, walking, and/or dying for 10 consecutive miles by Labor Day, run a 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving, and run a FULL marathon on my 30th birthday (6/9/12). I began my quest on June 16th running 2.02 miles. I felt that at the end of my run I was going to drop dead walking up the stairs to our condo.

Flash-forward & I exceded 10 miles last night… SIX weeks prior to Labor day. Mission accomplished. Kinda… now I just need to continue to work on my core strength training so I can rock a 6-pack when I play on the beach w/ my family come Labor Day weekend.

So it seems as though I really do like running. πŸ™‚


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