Spontaneous Worship…

“Be ready in season and out of season…” — 2 Timothy 4:2

I was already cozy in some basketball shorts & a ragged t-shirt, cleaning up after dinner w/ my girls, when I received a call…

“Hey babe, the guest worship leader isn’t gonna make it tonight — could you race down here and lead worship for the women’s study?” (I love hearing the sound of my wife’s voice.)

So within 12 minutes I jumped out of my pajamas, threw on some proper worship leader attire, grabbed my acoustic, raced down the stairs w/ my 2 daughters in tow, and barreled down the road straight to Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills. (When I say “barreled”, its just a colorful way to communicate that I am a safe & slow driver.)

I literally parked, hopped out of the van, kissed my wife as she took our girls, walked through the back door up onto the stage, plugged in my guitar, and said “Good evening ladies, let’s pray”… The next 15 minutes started out a little rough (no vocal warm-ups and/or sound check), but ended w/ me and 150+ women singing to our King; proclaiming His love for us & professing our love to Him.

A lot of times we think of “spontaneous worship” as a time during a worship service where everyone breaks out into their own song, busts out their Holy Ghost booty shake, and begins to cry uncontrollably as if we were collectively watching The Notebook. (Those are good times, as well.) Yet, I learned that sometimes the most spontaneous worship happens when you receive a call from your beautiful wife while you are on your knees picking up spaghetti off the floor, humming a Bon Iver tune to yourself, and 15 minutes later you are singing the only 3 songs that you can remember all the words to off the top of your head at that precise moment.

Later that evening when I was back home w/ our girls in bed for the night & I was consuming some ‘trainwreck tv’ (cough*Bachelor Pad*cough*cough) — my wife texted me…

Joy: “Did you know what we were studying tonight?”

Me: “No… being ‘transformed’? :)”

Joy: “Shelly said all 3 songs hit a point of her message tonight. The verse of the beatitudes we were on was ‘blessed are the pure in heart’… She thought you planned those songs on the way.”

Me: “Nope, God planned it tho. That’s awesome! Love u xoxo”

I LOVE it when things like that happen! God is faithful to lead His people according to His ways which are WAY higher than ours.

So, are you prepared to be spontaneous? πŸ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “Spontaneous Worship…

  1. It was a little gift from God to me! I couldn’t believe the songs you sang and I couldn’t believe how perfect they were for the topic that night. My mom said, Wow, Joys husband had an amazing voice. I cried listening to his worship. He should make a record!” πŸ™‚ I love it and I think she is right…except maybe a cd instead of a record.

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