I like… beards.

From the time that I had a couple straggling whiskers poking out of my chin, I’ve always tried to sport the facial hair. When I was a senior in high school, I had a goatee that looked like I had taped on a patch of my armpit hair at the bottom of my face… looking back, that is a major regret in my book — along w/ every other ‘fashion statement’ I attempted to make during my years of adolescence. 🙂

I was always inspired by my friend, Rex. He could grow a legit full beard (mustache included) from the time he was 14. Plus, as an aspiring/avid b-baller in JrHigh & High school, he was the BEST basketball player I personally knew growing up… so the ‘power of the beard’ made a huge impact on me.

My Dad has always rocked either the beard or a SOLID ‘stache. I have NEVER seen him completely clean shaven. Despite our struggles to maintain a healthy father/son relationship throughout the years — I’ve always had mad respect for his facial hair capabilities…

Though it is an utterly trivial topic, what are your thoughts on beards? Do you have a preference? What do you think it says about a person?


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