It’s a new year!!!

I know it’s September, but this is really the start of a new year in the Sexton household…

School started. Our oldest is now a kindergartner. She didn’t attend preschool or anything, so this is totally brand new for her AND us.

Our youth kids (IGNITE) are back to roaming the halls throughout their schools here in South Orange County. That means that back-to-school outreaches, all-nighters, and trips to Knotts are in full-effect! Our student ministry is currently moving into a new/larger space within our church facility. So the creative juices are flowing through our veins as we usher in a new season seeking revival in our community.

LEGIT sports begin…

Soccer. I am a HUGE fan! My favorite player… my daughter, of course. We are rooting for the Pink Ponies to demolish every AYSO U6 team in Region 85. Go Emme!

College Football. Go Ducks! Though, we lost to LSU — the season is FAR from lost. I smell roses.

NFL. Praying the Seahawks lose EVERY game this year to ensure that they have dibs on Andrew Luck. (My fantasy squad’s name is “Suck 4 LUCK!!!”)

Rugby. World Cup time people! When Joy and I moved to South Africa back in 2007 the Springboks won the World Cup just a few weeks after arriving. It was INSANE! Our neighbors belted the national anthem at the top of their lungs 50+ times that night. Go Boks!

So, clearly, our year actually begins in September…

When does your year ‘begin’?


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