Book Review: “The Grace of God” by Andy Stanley

“…you can run from God, but you can’t outrun Him.”

Andy’s ability to communicate a thought-provoking message that speaks to both the long-time religious & freshly converted is brilliant.

In “The Grace of God”, he shines a light on something that most of us are familiar with as a doctrine and/or seem to have a sufficient understanding of as a important value in life; yet, Andy conveys to the reader that the entire biblical narrative (and all of history) is fueled and driven by God’s grace. He employs the reader to recognize that God’s grace has ALWAYS been on display from the beginning of time when God spoke creation into motion and even today within the local church.

As readers, we see that the grace of God is something that we receive & are called to dispense. God has continually extended grace to us. So, as Christians, we too should extend grace to those that are undeserving… that pretty much covers EVERYONE.

Andy doesn’t try to show us how smart he is or wow us with unbelievably complex ideas. He simply magnifies that which all of us desire & desperately need… grace. And this book makes it apparent that only God’s grace will suffice.

Among all the great, timeless works of literature regarding God’s grace, this book belongs on that shelf.

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