Music Review // “Come & Drink” // Matthew Reed

About four months ago, I randomly won a cd from my friend John Wylie via Twitter.

Thus began my digital relationship w/ Matt Reed. He is a personable guy that I connected with on Twitter thereafter and he sent me a copy of his newest release, “Come & Drink”. The cd has since been in our car stereo for the last 4 months. My wife & I, along with our 2 daughters, were instantly humming along to the songs as we would run errands around town. A few weeks ago my wife voiced her only complaint regarding the EP… “It’s too short. Why are there only 6 songs? That kinda sucks.”

Not enough Matt Reed in your life is a good bad thing…

From the get-go, you realize that Matt knows exactly the message he desires to convey & precisely the direction he wants the listener to move. It is clear he is moving the listener to worship God. From the driving bass on “Awake, Awake” to the ever-present snare on “Pour Out”, Matt allows the rhythm & percussion to propel each song in synchronization w/ the corresponding lyrics. It’s almost impossible to separate the two from each other.

My most favorite song on the EP is “Crash This Place”. Within the same vein as songs like “Furious” (by Jeremy Riddle) & “Like a Lion” (by Daniel Bashta), “Crash This Place” uses a phrase (‘crash this place with love’) that we wouldn’t generally think as a common jump-off point for a worship song to be sung congregationally. Yet, that’s exactly our prayer. As a church and/or youth group, we want to see God just crash down within our midst with an overwhelming surge of love that captures the hearts of those longing for hope & healing.

All in all, I recommend that if you don’t have a copy then you need to get your hands on one asap. Below is the video for “Crash This Place”…


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