Why Jesus…

Why do I believe that Jesus is the answer?

Why not Muhammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith’s magic glasses, or Tom Cruise???

Some might say that Jesus/the Bible/Christianity was indoctrinated into me as a result of my upbringing. (Like I mentioned before, I was raised going to church from the time I was an infant.)

And I would somewhat agree with that assumption… Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been different if I was born into a middle-eastern culture, or Thailand, or even a European country like France. Would I still believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

I dunno. I do know that God placed me into the care of a God-fearing, Jesus-following, Spirit-filled woman by the name of Annie. When I look at my mom I see Jesus’ reflection.

Another thing that I know is that just because you grow up going to church and are taught biblical principles all your life, that doesn’t mean that you automatically subscribe to the Christian faith. I have two younger brothers that have endured a long road filled with depression & drug dependency issues before coming to the conclusion that only Jesus can satisfy the desires of our heart & save us from a life of destruction.

We were all raised in the same home, but travelled extremely different paths to (praise God!) reach the same destination.

In addition, Jesus just makes sense to me. In Jesus, I find that we cannot achieve salvation — but receive it from Jesus, the man who died in our place for our sins to provide eternal life for us. With Jesus, there are no prerequisites. I don’t come to Jesus to show Him how I have everything put together and am such a good person. Nope, I come to Jesus jacked up and in need of restoration. God takes my messed up life and works it out for good to glorify Him.

History (not JUST the bible) records His death & resurrection… so even though the Christian life is lived by faith, I’m comforted that it is a reasonable faith that I can audaciously cling to…

So, that’s why I choose Jesus over Tom Cruise 😉

Why do you believe what you believe? Do you think that Jesus is the answer?

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One thought on “Why Jesus…

  1. Yes! Jesus is the answer! The truth and the light! Thank you for sharing Anson! If you don’t mind I will share on my page! :)) God Bless ❤

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