Interview with John Wylie — aka @ivoryjohn (Part 1)

This is my 3rd post for the Blog Challenge hosted by my pal Sierra. You can read my 1st post here & my 2nd here.

Well, I had a brodate Wednesday night via Skype with a gentleman that I’ve never met in my life. Now before you sound the “creeper alarm”, let me explain…

A year or so ago, I received an email informing me that “@ivoryjohn is now following you on Twitter”. Awesome. At the time, I probably had 90 or so followers. Sooooo the more the merrier. Welcome aboard to the crazy In-n-Out picture taking, facial hair sporting, proud daddy tweeting crazy Anson train!

Eventually, we began to interact w/ one another — replying to each other’s silly tweets & encouraging one another to continually get your HUSTLE on & sweat awesome sauce. 🙂

We are both taking part in the Blog Challenge & this week the challenge is to interview one of the bloggers contributing to the challenge. Immediately, we both called dibs on each other. (Like I said, lay off the “creeper alarm”.) Good times were in store…

Two minutes into the “interview” John dropped a wisdom bomb by stating, “You know me so well already…You know, we don’t even need to do this because we probably know each other well enough just thru Twitter.”

He was probably right, yet, we continued our conversation for another hour and forty-three minutes.

We discussed many things we already knew about one another, but it bared repeating:

John is a professional blogger.

He is a communications major at Angelo State University.

John LOVES jelly beans & Dr. Pepper.

John wears skinny jeans & v-necks.

John has a twin sister.

John is a drummer.

John is a cool guy.

As our conversation progressed, we had an opportunity to unpack our stories from life. Family. Love. Dreams. Jesus…

But we will cover all of that in part two. (I need some time to sit down & re-listen to our interview that I recorded onto my iPhone.)

Until then, check out John’s blog & join the other 38k+ people already following him on Twitter. Good times are Ivory John times!


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