“Drowning Slowly” — a song written by Anson Sexton

I am horrible at drawing & have even worse penmanship. Music is my art…

I aspire to write songs. I desire to move people w/ the music I create.

…I want to tell you a story:

There once was a girl. This girl had ambitions for love & a chance to be someone.

She was a beautiful gal from the midwest — the best lyrical dancer in the state. At the age of 19, she took a greyhound to Las Vegas w/ hopes of starring in one of the premiere shows on The Strip.

After she arrived, she quickly met a ‘producer’. He promised her the world while she fell head over heels. He was no producer. He hung around long enough to leave the young girl heartbroken, hopeless, and pregnant.

Too scared & ashamed to return home, she waited tables to get by. Eventually, as time would tell, she gave birth to a precious baby girl. Responsibilities began to mount & financial obligations piled up…

She began ‘dancing’. At a place off the strip. She was able to pay her bills and take care of her little bundle of joy; yet she was left empty. Was this the life she was destined to live?

“Drowing Slowing” is a song written – if I could be so bold – from God’s perspective. He watches us. He longs for us to see Him. The song is complete, but the story isn’t.

There are seasons in each of our lives that play out like a song. Collectively, the seasons make up a soundtrack. Ultimately, God is the conductor. Our choices influence how the melody is orchestrated, but in the end… God is still in control.

As the seasons change, I am hopeful for this girl in the story. She is on the brink of encountering grace.

I somewhat feel the same way about my own life. Seasons are changing. Literally & figuratively. I am about to start recording my music.

On the cheap.

By myself.

In a room with my guitar, laptop, and some basic recording gear.

My goal is to be finished before Christmas and have the opportunity to share it with my friends, family, and anyone that is willing to take time to listen.

Here is the song “Drowning Slowly” performed by me and a couple of buddies in a skatepark a little north of San Diego… please check it out & tell me what you think. I welcome any & all criticism. Enjoy πŸ™‚

***note: I tagged the chorus of “How He Loves” at the tail end of the tune.


3 thoughts on ““Drowning Slowly” — a song written by Anson Sexton

  1. My very favorite thing in this video are the groupies dancing off stage at the 1:25-ish mark; my second favorite thing is that there’s something like a cello backing going on somewhere and it provides a wonderful richness and poignance to the story. Lastly, when you record with your guitar, voice, and laptop, you won’t be alone. I know for sure that as you sing to God, He’ll be singing over you.

    • Thanks Kelly! Steve provided the cello sound on the keyboard & the little girls in the back dancing are my favorite part too πŸ™‚

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