A life saved…

I recently wrote a post concerning second chances… and I mentioned that I was saved as a young child.

From the time I was born, my mom took my brothers & I to church every week. We usually went to church multiple times a week. Some seasons in my life we would attend home fellowships, mid-week studies, potlucks, prayer groups, and Sunday services as often as possible. We were ‘at church’ 3-4 times a week.

Growing up, my parents had an extremely difficult marriage. I remember times when my dad would just ‘check-out’ from the family life thing for a couple weeks at a time while he chased after unsatisfying fulfillment via booze, drugs, and extra-marital affairs.

Though I was unaware of the extent of hurt & pain that my mom endured, it was clear that everything in her life drew her closer to Jesus.

Her life is a true testament to me that God was/is the real deal. Her hope rested within the arms of Christ. Looking back in my life, I learned more about what it means to cling to Jesus from my mom than anyone else.

When I was six years of age I attended a small vacation bible school at a little white chapel in the country outside of Rainier, OR. I was thoroughly taught the gospel. I learned & understood that this thing ‘sin’ had messed up everything in my life and throughout the world. I realized that it was sin that caused my family to be screwed up. It was sin that caused me to be a knucklehead and not obey my parents or God. I clearly remember taking part in reciting the “sinner’s prayer” and asking Jesus to come live in my heart.

So that’s the marker in time that I’m able to look back on & recall my salvation experience; yet, I also know that scripture teaches us that God chose us before the foundations of the world.

Since then, it has been a journey to say the least. I think that being saved at such an early age presents an incredibly mind-blowing excursion. Walking with Jesus while treading through the muck & mire of adolescence definitely attests to the grace God so efficiently extends to His children.

So… can you recall your ‘salvation experience’? Are you ‘saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ’?

*** This post is a contribution to the ‘Blog Challenge‘ via Sierra Nicole’s blog.